One test of the correctness of educational process is the happiness of the child.” – Dr. Maria Montessori
Montessori education is an attitude…one which kindles and encourages the independence and interdependence of each child
– Dr. Maria Montessori
In addition to the core program, our students participate in Spanish, music, and yoga program


The most current research in brain development shows that the earlier a child is exposed to a new language, the easier they can assimilate it naturally. We strongly believe in the benefits of learning a second language. Spanish is offered weekly throughout the school year.


Scientific studies show that music plays a significant role in brain development and enhances learning immediately. Research reveals that children exposed to music and read to at an early age have improved math and science skills, exhibit enhanced physical coordination, and perform better on achievement tests. Our music program develops an appreciation for music, the ability to express their emotions, experience sounds and movements, and to feel joy and excitement in this great group activity.


Current medical and scientific research on the benefits of yoga show numerous health-giving qualities for both body and mind. In order to teach children how to relax and become grounded, we offer Yoga for Young Warriors. Montessori philosophy goes hand in hand with the philosophy of yoga when it comes to improving children’s concentration and focus, stimulating the imagination, and helping children release their energy in a positive and peaceful manner.