A learning environment where your child can thrive.

Providing authentic Montessori Schooling since 1983

  • Certified Professional Staff
  • Low (7:1) Student to Teacher Ratio
  • Collaborative mixed-aged learning environment
  • Small Two Classroom School
  • Highly recommended by current and former families

Montessori Curriculum


Character Development



Practical Life

Cultural Studies


Character Developtment



Practical Life

Cultural Studies

Our Facility

Nestled amongst idyllic old-growth trees and surrounded by 1800’s historic stone buildings with spanish tile roofs, Garfield is a “hidden gem” of an authentic Montessori school; two classrooms with a maximum of 20 preschool students and 3 full time teachers per classroom, and a Montessori-trained Director. Come and discover the magic that has families referring their friends and neighbors to GMS year after year!

Our Staff

As an authentic Montessori preschool program, Garfield’s Lead Teachers are trained and certified by AMS, AMI or MACTE-accredited Montessori training programs. Assistant Teachers have a range of educational experiences as well as previous experience in the Early Childhood education field. Staff also receive in-house and other Professional Development on a host of topics from brain development, to working with the child’s social-emotional development to the role of the Montessori Assistant.

Montessori Method

Certain hallmark characteristics make Montessori education unique and different from traditional methods of teaching:

Maria Montessori - Founder of Montessori Education

Mixed-age groupings of children

There are several benefits to mixed-age groupings within the classroom: Younger students naturally learn more from their older peers. Older students tend to retain more information when they teach it to younger ones. Older students become classroom leaders and role-models. Having children of different ages and stages together in the classroom mimics the real world, teaching students how to get along with people of different ages and interests. And our teachers really know your child, understanding their interests, motivations and individual development.

Student-led activities ("Work")

Montessori teachers set up their classrooms to promote safe, independent exploration and learning, almost exclusively with hands-on activities and lessons. Learning in a space that encourages their natural curiosity, children will feel the freedom to explore and learn about the world around them. The activities introduce or reinforce concepts and skills a teacher selects based on the students’ ages and needs. Among the benefits of this approach, teachers can design activities that match each child’s age and ability.

Uninterrupted blocks of time ("Work cycle")

We love giving our students plenty of time to engage in the learning process. This starts with a task as simple as putting on and taking off a shoe. At school, everything slows down. Our goal is to give each child the time they need to explore and make meaning and find purpose in their work. Rather than spending 30 minutes on math, 30 minutes on history and 30 minutes on reading (and as a whole group), a Montessori day is broken into two- to three-hour chunks of time, allowing each child to dive into and master a variety of concepts from botany to zoology to geography to sorting, pouring, window washing, or doing place value into the thousands.


Covid Policy

Garfield works closely with our nurse consultant and follows all guidelines put out by CDPHE to ensure that your child is safe at school at all times, and especially during COVID. 

GMS has had NO cases of COVID amongst staff or students at school during the entire year, from the time we shut down, to slowly reopening half-day, to reopening to full day school in October of 2020. (until now).

We attribute that to:

  • Our small size
  • The vigilance of our families and their caution
  • The expert advisement of our nurse and other professionals

GMS continues to take the following precautions to protect our students, families and staff:

  • Children’s temps are taken upon arrival each day and again during the morning work cycle
  • Any signs or symptoms prompt a consult with our nurse and possible exclusion for 24-48 hours
  • Staff take their temps upon arrival and throughout the day
  • 90% of the staff are fully vaccinated
  • Families who travel are asked to quarantine their child for 48 hours before returning to school
  • UV air purifiers are in use in all indoor spaces
  • Children wear masks when working in the classrooms
  • Adults wear masks all-day
  • Parent drop off and pick up is outside
  • For now, specials activities have been curtailed (no additional staff coming in)


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