One test of the correctness of educational process is the happiness of the child.” – Dr. Maria Montessori
Montessori education is an attitude…one which kindles and encourages the independence and interdependence of each child
– Dr. Maria Montessori

“We like to refer to Garfield as a ‘hidden gem’. We are so grateful to have found this school for our daughter when she was 3. She felt comfortable and part of the community from day one. We have seen huge growth in her both academically and emotionally. We have been impressed with the teacher’s communication to ensure they were helping support the goals that we have for our child. We are excited that our son will have the opportunity to have this amazing experience as well.”

– Debra, mother of Evelyn, enrolled 2019

“We cannot say enough wonderful things about Garfield. The teachers are amazing, the small classrooms are mixed ages 3-5 (2 classes of roughly 20 kids per class with 3 very active amazing teachers per classroom) and the school has a big incredible playground/campus. They have been extremely clean and are overly Covid cautious keeping staff and kids very safe. We LOVE it!“

– Adrian, mother of Quincy, enrolled 2020

“After moving to Denver during the middle of the school year, we were more than relieved to find Garfield Montessori for our daughter, Robin. The staff made her feel instantly at home and welcomed and she looks forward to going to school each day…a wonderful blend of nurturing, scholastic learning, life skills and play time each day, allowing each child to be self-driven. We have seen our daughter thrive during her time here.” 

– Whitney, mother of Robin, enrolled 2021

“Dear Garfield Montessori Staff,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for making a difference in the life of our child and the Garfield Montessori community.

The impact of your guidance and support is beyond significant. There is no greater gift you could give our family than a child who is thriving. We love the way you challenge her to be the best that she can be during her school days. Thank you for listening, stretching out a hand to help or whispering a kind word of encouragement during her days with you. Extraordinary things happen when teachers are committed and involved. We are also so glad that music, yoga and Spanish continues to be included in your comprehensive approach to learning. Thank you!” 

A. & L. Mauger

“Garfield has such a calm environment! We have had our daughter at Garfield for almost two years now and have watched her blossom during this time. Being at Garfield has nourished her independence, a love for “challenging work”, and helped her with conflict resolution. This year she is in kindergarten, and I really believe that the teaching has been excellent. Leili is wonderful and is very involved; she provides clear direction for the school. All of the teachers and assistants truly care about the kids. I know our daughter will be well-prepared for first grade this August!” 

“Our first child, a little girl, has been in day care since she was 12 weeks old. She began in an in-home daycare environment which, at the time, suited our needs and hers beautifully. As she grew older, a very bright, vibrant and curious child emerged. It became clear to us that she was under stimulated, and it became even clearer that this was a crucial stage in her educational and social development. We began looking for an environment that would allow our daughter to grow organically, and yet nurture her need to explore and be challenged. We stumbled upon Garfield Montessori and it exceeded our expectations! Our daughter is happy, centered, focused and excited to go to school each and every day! Because of her experience at Garfield Montessori, we truly believe that our daughter has developed a life long love of learning which will aid her adolescent and adult life. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Garfield Montessori and we feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to be a part of such a special experience.”  

“I can’t explain the deep gratitude that I have toward the staff at Garfield Montessori for the care and environment that they provided for my daughter for 3-and-a-half years. As a single parent, knowing that I could fully trust the staff was an immense relief. The parent workshops helped me as much as they helped me help my daughter!

I am a Denver Public Schools teacher, so I know the vital need for children to have exposure to challenging and manipulative materials in their early intellectual development. Maria Montessori provided more than “play” for children; she developed a curriculum that respects children and allows them to experience nature and the real world in an age-appropriate way. I did not want my daughter wasting time playing “Curious George” games on the computer. I wanted her to be curious about maps, the 1,000s chain, worms, and Jupiter.

My daughter now attends a traditional DPS school. I was concerned that she would have a difficult transition, but the social, academic, and personal skills my daughter learned at GMS – along with the support of myself and her father – were enough to help her adapt to the new environment. She entered first grade “above grade level,” and she recently won her first art contest. The experience your child will get at GMS makes the fund-raising efforts all worthwhile! My daughter is a happy, independent, well-mannered young girl. Sending her to GMS was the best decision I ever made.”